Age of spiritual seeker for spiritual service positions

Any spiritual seeker above the age of 18 years can hold any spiritual service position in Divine Foundation

Communion of spiritual seekers

   The Divine Supreme Council will call annual communion of all spiritual seekers once in a year preferably on 15th, September or any other date as per convenience. Spiritual seeker can attend annual communion with their families.

Communion i.e. Parbhu Milan

   God says, “Every spiritual seeker has a soul which is functional. As the soul in a spiritual seeker is functioning, so his soul is the real Me sitting inside him. Hence spiritual seekers can realise my presence in each and every spiritual seeker. Hence the communion of spiritual seekers is Milan with Me”.

Annual Communion i.e. Parbhu Milan

   The purpose of annual communion i.e. Parbhu Milan is to realise the presence of God in one’s own self and in the selves of other spiritual seekers. In this communion everyone should introspect; his or her own progress on spiritual path. He should learn from spiritual progress of others. He can remove his confusions by the guidance of spiritual resource person.

   *The annual communion should ideally be held in the day time from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. At least three hours should be spent in seeking spiritual knowledge from spiritual resource person and introspection by spiritual seekers. The family members of spiritual seekers above the age of 14 years who are interested to be spiritual seekers can attend spiritual seekers communion. It is bonus to the spiritual seekers. In the meantime other family members can enjoy get-together. The remaining time should be spent on cultural activities and family get together by the spiritual seekers and their families.

Spiritual Resource person for Science of Living

   Spiritual Resource persons will guide the spiritual seekers in learning the Science of Living. Spiritual Resource person will be a spiritual seeker who has realised the self by practicing the Science of Living himself. At present only Dr. Ravinder Sandhu has realised the self. Hence he will be the Main Resource person for Science of Living for life time.

   Divine Supreme Council has absolute grace of God to position three more spiritual resource personsfrom the spiritual seekers who have realised their self.

   Hence there will be one Main Resource Person and three other Resource Persons. The Main Resource Person for life time will name a Spiritual seeker as Main Resource person for life time with consultation of Life Patron, president and Secretary General of Divine Supreme Council before he completes his journey over here. However in case of sudden departure of Main Resource person for life time, the Divine Supreme Council will position Main Resource person for life time.

   However with grace of God, till I complete my journey over here, I will be the only Spiritual Resource person.

Divya Gyan Divas i.e. Divine Knowledge Day

   15th September will be observed Divya Gyan Divas i.e. Divine Knowledge Day each year. On this day every spiritual seeker will introspect his or her spiritual growth. Annual communion of spiritual seekers or Governing Council communion can be held on this day.

   However do not forget that every day is Divya Gyan Divas i.e. Divine Knowledge Day and every moment is Divya Gyan moment i.e. Divine Knowledge moment.

Place for Divine grace

H.N. 1758, Sector-9 Karnal is the place for Divine Grace at present. Divine Supreme Council has absolute Grace of God to shift the place for Divine Grace in future as and when necessity arises

Dedication of Divine Foundation

   With grace of God I dedicate Divine Foundation for Science of Living and Divine knowledge to all the spiritual seekers on Saturday dated 15th September, 2012.

   I wish all the spiritual seekers to live their life as per science of living to make their life happy and blissful. I wish all the success to Mrs. Pushpa Mittal in her endures to patronise the Divine Foundation for life time. I wish all the success to Dr. Ravinder Sandhu in his endures to carry forward the Science of Living as president and Main Spiritual Resource Person for life time. I wish all the success to Mr. Abhinav Mittal in his endures to carry out all Divine activities of Divine Foundation as Secretary General. In the end I wish all the success to the spiritual seekers in service positions of Divine Foundation in their-endures to carry the science of living to the real spiritual seekers. They should disseminate this knowledge to real spiritual seekers so that they can also make their life full of happiness and bliss.

Parbhu Kripa Anand Mangal

Your own spiritual seeker


MBBS (Medalist), MS (Surgery), MSASMS, MCCP, MCGP



Director General, Health Services Haryana (Addl.)

Director Health and Family welfare Haryana

Registrar Haryana Medical Council

Chief vigilance officer Health Department Haryana

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