Books dedicated to Divine Foundation

Books dedicated to Divine Foundation for spiritual growth of spiritual seekers.

*A total of 45 books written by me with the grace of God are dedicated to the Divine Supreme Council (20 books in English and 24 books in Hindi and 1 book in Hindi and English).
*Books written in future with the Grace of God will also be dedicated to the Divine foundation.

Twenty Books in English named as:-

 1. Spiritual Life

2. Messages of God leads to Wisdom and Enlightenment

3. Self-Realization leads to Meditation

4. Spirituality is the Only Way to Moksha

5. Happiness is the core issue in spirituality

6. Karmas are the fore runners of Destiny

7. Mind is the Executive Power of Self

8. Conscious Mind receives Divine Messages

9. Truth in diversity

10. Faith is prerequisite in Spirituality

11. Science of Living

12. Knowledge with wisdom is the real wealth

13. Love is spiritual by nature

14. Freedom is ultimate in Spirituality

15.Science of Behaviour

16.Happy Living

17.Science of desire

18.Science of Fear

19. Positive Emotions are Spiritual in nature

20.Trishul of Shiva

 Twenty five Books in Hindi:-

*Twenty two books named Divya Gyan (1-22) on Spiritual Aspect of Life.

*Two Books named Vividhta (1-2)on Diverse Affairs.

*One Book in English and Hindi named Vividhta in Diversity on Diverse affairs.


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