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There is a treasure of divine knowledge dictated by God and written by me. This treasure of knowledge exists in the books written by me but dictated by God. The fingers given to me by God has been used by Him to write His own knowledge so that people who want to follow His path can do so by taking this knowledge.

   It is His absolute love and faith in the soul within me that He has chosen my fingers to write His own knowledge for the goodness of spiritual seekers.

  Many persons got the opportunity to get this knowledge but only a few spiritual seekers could convert this knowledge in to wisdom to perform right karmas. But only one spiritual seeker has realised his self-till date. I salute all those spiritual seekers who are converting the Divine Knowledge into Wisdom to perform right karmas. I wish that other spiritual seekers also start converting Divine Knowledge into wisdom to perform right karmas in this beautiful journey of life.


   God has asked me to tell the spiritual seekers that if they continue practicing Science of Living, they are definitely heading for happy and blissful life leading to Moksha.

Founded On

Divine Foundation for science of living is founded on Saturday dated 15th September, 2012 by me with the grace of God

Purpose of Divine Foundation for Science of Living

The Purpose of Divine Foundation for Science of Living is:

  1. To preserve and disseminate the Divine knowledge given by God to me. This Divine knowledge exists in 45 books written by me with grace of God.
  2. To guide the spiritual seekers to lead an Active Life with Happiness and Bliss. This is possible by practicing Science of Living. Science of Living is possible with Divine Knowledge that gives wisdom of mind. The wisdom of mind leads to performance of right karmas i.e. actions. Right actions give happiness and bliss. This happiness and bliss is the gateway to Moksha i.e. Brahm Lok i.e. God's Abode.

 About Me

   I, Dr. Om Parkash Mittal was borne to Sh. Ram Sarup Mittal and Smt. Bhanti Devi on Mahashivratri of the year 1952, in a small, remote and sleepy village named Thuva, Tehsil Kaithal and Distt. Karnal of old Panjab state. Later on due to Divine consideration, 15Th September was registered as my date of birth. On Ist. November 1966, Haryana was created as a separate state. In 1974 after reorganisation, my village was transferred to Distt. Jind.

   I had my primary education from Govt. Primary School Thuva and secondary education from Govt. High School Jakhal Mandi in Distt. Hisar. I did my senior secondary from Govt. College Ludhiana and B.Sc. from Govt. College Rohtak.

   I joined Govt. Medical College (now PGIMS) Rohtak in 1972 and passed M.B.B.S. with medal from the same college in December, 1976. I did my M.S. (General Surgery) from the same college in March, 1981. My thesis for the award of MS degree was commended.

   I got married on 21.11.1981 with Pushpa who was born to Smt. Sarswati Devi and Sh. Jawaharlal Singla of Narwana. We have two children, a daughter Parul born on 21.09.1982 and a son Abhinav born on 30.09.1985.

   After passing M.S. in general Surgery, I worked as registrar in Paediatric Surgery for two years (up to 17th march, 1983). I joined HCMS on 18th March, 1983 and worked on various posts till my superannuation as Director General, Health Services Haryana (Adnl.) on 30th September, 2010. I performed 45000 General Surgical and family planning operations during my postings in different Hospitals.

   Now I am settled at H.N. 1758, sector-9, Karnal (Haryana).

Other Professional activities:-

  • Gold Medal by Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. Of India for Outstanding work. (In Birth registration during National Birth Registration campaign 2004).
  • Seven Times State Awards for outstanding work in the field of Family Welfare, by IMA Haryana State (1986-87,1989-90,1990-91,1991-92,1992-93,1995-96,1996-97).
  • Best President Award by IMA Haryana State-1997-98.
  • Two Times Best Run Branch Award by IMA Haryana State-1989-90, 1990-91
  • Family Welfare Award by Distt. Administration Sonipat-1985-86.
  • Family Welfare Award by Distt. Administration Sirsa-1988-89.
  • Family Welfare Award by Distt. Administration Mgarh-1990-91.
  • Honoured by District Administration Bhiwani on 15th August 2006. (For Outstanding work in the field of Health Services).
  • Appreciation Letter by Deputy Commissioner Sonipat. (For Outstanding Work in Polio Eradication compaign-1996).
  • Academic Medals in M.B.B.S.
  • Academic Prizes in1971-72.
  • Merit Certificate for Cent Per cent attendance in class-1970-71,1971-72

Sports activities:-

  • Inter Medical College Chess Champion-1974
  • Chess Champion ROHMEDCOL-1973 & 1974.
  • Playing Cards Champion ROHMEDCOL-1973 & 1974.
  • Chess Champion IMA Sonipat-1995 & 1996.
  • Table Tennis Champion Govt. College Rohtak-1971.
  • Table Tennis Champion Govt. College Ludhiana-1969.
  • Chess champion IMA Karnal-2013.

Social cum Organisational activities:-

  • Life Member-IMA (National & State).
  • Ex. Member-Central Working Committee IMA at National Level.
  • Ex. Member-National Governing Council, College of General Practioners.
  • Ex. Vice President-IMA Haryana State.
  • Ex. Patron-IMA (Karnal & Bhiwani).
  • Ex. President-IMA (Sonipat & Mohindergarh Branch).
  • Ex. Advisor-Haryana Medical Journal.
  • Ex. Life Member-HCMS Association.
  • Ex. President-HCMS Association (Karnal & Bhiwani branch).
  • Ex. Member-State executive HCMS Association.
  • Ex. Chairman-Souvenir Committee Annual HCMS Convention.
  • Member-Society of Advanced Studies in Medical Sciences (New Delhi).
  • Member-College of Chest Physician (New Delhi)
  • Member-Association of Surgeons of India
  • Member-Association of Surgeons of Haryana
  • Member-Kendriya Vidyalya Management Committee Karnal-2003-2005
  • Member-Central Association Govt. College Rohtak-1971-72
  • Hostel Prefect- Govt. College Rohtak Hostel-1971-72

Programmes implementation activities as state nodal officer (2006-2010):-

  • National Tobacco Control Programme.
  • Swine Flu Control Programme.
  • PC&PNDT act against female foeticide.
  • Prevention of food adulteration act 1954.
  • Food safety & standard act 2006.
  • Water borne diseases control Programme.
  • National Vector borne diseases control Programme.
  • Revised National Tuberculosis control Programme.
  • National Leprosy control Programme.
  • National Blindness control Programme.
  • National Family Welfare Programme.
  • Universal Immunization Programme.
  • Maternal &Child Health Programme.
  • Birth & Death Registration.
  • Disaster Management.
  • Flood Control & Mitigation measures.
  • Biomedical Waste Management.
  • National Iodine Deficiency Disorders control Programme.
  • National Polio Eradication Programme.
  • School health programme.

Spiritual activities:-

  • Written twenty Books in English named Spiritual Life, Self-Realization leads to Meditation, Messages of God leads to Wisdom and Enlightenment, Spirituality is the Only Way to Moksha, Happiness is the core issue in spirituality, Karmas are the fore runner of Destiny, Mind is the Executive Power of Self, Conscious Mind receives Divine Messages, Truth in diversity, Faith is prerequisite in Spirituality, Science of Living, Knowledge is Real Wealth, Love is spiritual in nature, Freedom is ultimate in spirituality, Science of Bahaviour, Happy Living, Science of Desire, Science of fear, Positive Emotions are spiritual in nature and Trishul of Shiva.
  • Written Twenty two Books in Hindi named Divya Gyan (1-22) on Spiritual Aspect of Life.
  • Written Two Books in Hindi named VIVIDHTA (1-2) on Diverse Affairs.
  • Written One book in Hindi and English named VIVIDHTA in DIVERSITY.

   The purpose of writing all this about me is that one can perform professional and other physical activities relating to body comforts, money and material while practicing spirituality i.e. absolute Science of Living. The concept that spirituality stops one from enjoying everything material is misconceived. Spirituality rather allows one to enjoy everything material with a tag that one should enjoy everything material while performing right karmas. Hence I wish that every man should practice spirituality i.e. absolute Science of Living to lead a happy and blissful life.

Parbhu Kripa Anand Mangal

Your own spiritual seeker


MBBS (Medalist), MS (Surgery), MSASMS, MCCP, MCGP


Director General, Health Services Haryana (Addl.)

Director Health and Family welfare Haryana

Registrar Haryana Medical Council

Chief vigilance officer Health Department Haryana

Civil Surgeon Karnal and Bhiwani

Principal Medical Officer Ambala

Medical Suptd. General Hospital Sonipat and Panchkula

H.N. 1758, Sector-9, Karnal-132001, Haryana.

Email:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. gmail.com



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House No. 1758, Sec 9, Karnal Haryana(132001)

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